Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SolidWorks Electrical: How to Show Wire Gauge Size on a Wire Listing

It is important to show wire gauge when printing off a wire list. If using default templates, you will see a column called "Section" in a SolidWorks Electrical list of wires (see image below). The section column does contain the gauge values for each wire, but by most standards utilized in the United States, this default column header is not what we want to see. In this tutorial, I will discuss how to change the label on this report header.

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Highlight the "Project" ribbon and then click on the "Reports" button all the way on the end to the right (see image below). This launches the Report Manager.

In the Report Manager, you will find a tab labeled "List of wires by line style." Highlight this tab and find the "Section" column (see image below). This will be relabeled to "Gauge."

To edit the header for "Section," click on the "Properties" button in the toolbar at the top (see image below).

This brings up the Report Template Editor. Find the tab labeled "Columns" and then change the text values where from "Section" to "Gauge" (see image below). Once "Gauge" has been typed in, click on the "Apply" button in the lower left hand corner, then "Close."

It is important to click on the "Update" icon on the toolbar in order for the "Gauge" column label to appear in the Report Manager (see image below). This only updates the Report Manager.

A separate action is required to update the actual drawing sheets in the project. Right-click on any of the list of wires sheets and select "Update Reports Drawings" from the menu. This will update the data on all of the drawing sheets, including those which will now show "Gauge" in the column headers for wire gauge size (image below).

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