Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Tip: Pushing Out SolidWorks Installations from the Admin Tool

Administrative Image Push for Installing and Uninstalling

I have often had requests from customers for the ability to be able to push out installations from the admin tool, and now this capability has been added in SolidWorks 2013. The screenshots below show how and where to manage the installation settings.

Start by opening the Admin Image option editor, then choose "Deploy Automatically."

Next, choose which clients to deploy to by editing the middle column.

(From SolidWorks Help)

Push Install and Uninstall Method Using the Option Editor
The Administrative Image Option Editor provides a push method for deploying the SolidWorks software remotely on Windows Vista® and Windows 7 clients for users who do not have administrative privileges.

A new Deploy Automatically page allows administrators to select systems for installing, updating, or uninstalling the SolidWorks software. Operations can be scheduled for a specific time; custom uninstalls can also be performed. The status of each requested deployment is recorded and listed as Pending, Succeeded, or Failed.

The installation tasks are pushed to the target machines and carried out by the Microsoft Task Scheduler on each system, without requiring any actions by users.

To use this method, the computer serving the administrative image and the target client machines must be members of the same Microsoft Active Directory domain.

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