Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Exploring the SolidWorks CAD Admin Dashboard

SolidWorks CAD Admin Dashboard

With the CAD Admin Dashboard, you can monitor the performance, hardware status, and changes to SolidWorks System Options settings for each SolidWorks user at your company.

You can access the dashboard through the SolidWorks Customer Portal, provided you have a SolidWorks subscription contract. To access the SolidWorks CAD Admin Dashboard, link to the SolidWorks Customer Portal, select your language, and log in.

The CAD Admin Dashboard Basic Workflow

In this example, you step through a basic workflow for overseeing SolidWorks software usage in your network.

Accessing the CAD Admin Dashboard
As a subscription customer, you can access the CAD Admin Dashboard from the SolidWorks Customer Portal.

To access the CAD Admin Dashboard:
  1. Open the SolidWorks Customer Portal in a browser, select your language, and log in.
  2. Under Quick Links, click CAD Admin Dashboard.
  3. After reading the agreement, click I agree. If you do not agree to the terms, you cannot access the CAD Admin Dashboard.
System Options Assessments
You can assess your network computers against a baseline of selected SolidWorks system options. You can set a baseline for the following SolidWorks system options for your network:
  • Performance
  • Assemblies
  • External References
  • Default Templates
  • File Locations
  • Hole Wizard
  • Dismissed Messages

The system options for any account on your network are tested against those of the baseline account you select.

Assigning the System Options Baseline
The CAD Admin Dashboard compares system options of SolidWorks software users in your network to those of a baseline machine. To set the baseline machine for system options in the CAD Admin Dashboard:
  1. Select a row for the target machine account from the main CAD Admin Dashboard.
  2. At the right end of the account row, click Set System Options Baseline to this Account.
Assessing Machine Details
You can view information about the computers running SolidWorks in your network from the Machine Details column of the CAD Admin Dashboard. To view detailed information about an account in your network, select the account under the Machine Details column. If the machine details indicate problems, you can improve system performance by updating graphics drivers or adding more memory or hard disk space according to the reported details.

To view computer information for SolidWorks users in your network from the CAD Admin Dashboard:
  1. Scroll through the overview of computer information for your accounts in the Machine Details column.

    You can view the following types of information:
    • Indicates an unsupported graphics card driver. You can select the account to view more graphics driver details.
    • Driver unsupported. For a list of supported drivers, see
    • Low memory. Indicates the account machine is low on memory.You can select the account to view the available hard disk space in the Free HDD column and the available RAM in the RAM column.
  2. When you select an account, you can view more machine details.
    1. Select the account row.
    2. In the Details section below, select the Machine Details tab.
      You can view details for the account machine, such as CPU, free HDD, and graphics card information.
  3. When the information is available, double-click the account row in the History column of the machine account details.
The Hardware and Software History dialog box displays the current version of SolidWorks.

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