Friday, April 27, 2012

SolidWorks Selection Tool

Advanced Selection Tools
There are a variety of selection tools at your disposal in the Select Tool pulldown, and once you know what they do, they can be really powerful when working with assemblies. 

Volume select
Selects components inside a volume. 
Draw a selection box and adjust the arrow that appears. Click on the volume to select what’s inside.

Select Suppressed
Selects all the suppressed items in your model.

Select Hidden
Selects all the hidden items in your model.

Select Mated To
Select this tool, then a part. It selects everything mated to it. 

Select Internal Components
Selects all components that are enclosed by other components and highlights them in the Feature Manager design tree, you can use to create sub-assemblies of internals or add items quickly to folders.

Select Toolbox
Selects Toolbox parts.

Advanced Select
Allow you to set your own selection criteria.

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