Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Links to 3D Models

Below is a list of some great links where you can find SolidWorks models. Feel free to share the links where you find great SolidWorks models so that we can get a nice list going for everyone to use.

3DContentCentral: http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/default.aspx - SW CAD files

Trace Parts: http://www.traceparts.com/index.asp - Database of downloadable models

Thomas Register: http://www.thomasnet.com/ - Database of downloadable models

Jurgens: http://www.jergensinc.com/Index.aspx - Clamps, Knobs, Bushings, etc.

Carr Lane: http://www.carrlane.com/ - Clamps, Fixtures, Drill Jig Bushings, etc.

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Dan Wiggins said...

Random & Free SolidWorks Models: http://grabcad.com/