Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3DVIA Composer Has Rights

When using Save-As, the Right Manager lets you enable 3DVIA Composer capabilities for 3DVIA Composer (SMG) files opened in 3DVIA Composer Player and 3DVIA Composer Player ActiveX (Microsoft Office documents, 3D PDF, and so on.)

Note: If a Right Manager license is not available, files have no rights.
For fully shattered files, all files must be granted a right for that right to be available. When opened in 3DVIA Composer, all rights are always available.

  • Annotations: Lets users add annotation and markup actors.

  • Cutting plane: Lets users apply cutting planes.

  • Trees: Makes Assembly and Collaboration panes visible.

  • Save: Lets users save 3DVIA Composer files. Note: Save capability is available in 3DVIA Composer Player Pro only.

  • Forbid delete part: (Available when Save is selected.) Prevents users from deleting parts. To let users delete parts, clear this option.

  • Freeze publication: (Available from the Publish and Save As commands only.) Protects published content from future editing. Users can view frozen content from 3DVIA Composer Player or Player Pro. Note: The Save command is disabled from Player Pro. Caution: Always save to another file name (do not overwrite the current file) when Freeze publication is enabled. You cannot open a frozen document in 3DVIA Composer.

  • BOM: Displays the bill of materials (BOM) table, if present.

  • Simulation: Enables kinematic dragging mode to consider kinematic conditions defined in the model.

  • Lets look at Expiration.

  • Expiration: Places a time limit for accessing 3DVIA Composer files. When expired, users cannot open the 3DVIA Composer file.

  • Start date: (Available when Expiration is selected and Day date is cleared.) Specifies a date before which the 3DVIA Composer file cannot be opened.

  • Day date: (Available when Expiration is selected.) Specifies that the start date of the expiration period is when the CAD file is imported into 3DVIA Composer format. Use this option with Relative to save your 3DVIA Composer files with relative expiration dates.

  • End date: (Available when Expiration is selected and Relative is cleared.) Specifies a date after which the 3DVIA Composer file could not be opened.

  • Relative (days): (Available when Expiration is selected.) Specifies the number of days after the start date after which the file cannot be opened.start date + relative (days) = end date of use

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