Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Type a ° or Ø Symbol

So you're going along typing your description, and suddenly realize that the factory forgot to put a degree symbol and a diameter symbol on your keyboard. I mean, these are characters that every person should have. How will you possibly complete your drawing without them? Just like most things in SolidWorks, we've got multiple choices for you.

First, if it's a Note that you're typing in SolidWorks, then look to your PropertyManager and check out the wonderful tool you've been given called Add Symbol. This symbol library has a huge selection of symbols that apply especially to our engineering documentation.

The second choice, for File Properties and other fields where Add Symbol is not available: All versions of Windows have a tool called Character Map. Look in Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. From here, you can select a character, copy onto your clipboard, and then paste into any text field you'd like!

Finally, if you look at the bottom right of the Character Map when you select a certain character, you may see a keystroke assignment for that character. If so, you also have the ability to type this keystroke combo right as you're typing along to get that character. For example, in the title of this blog article, I typed "How To Type a Alt+248 or Alt+0248 Symbol." You may want to make a little chart of the symbols you use most. Or type 'ASCII characters' into any web search, and you'll come up with about a million or 3 images already created for you.

One thing to watch out for with characters from the Character Map: do a quick test on any other file formats that you save to, such as pdf. You may need to install the Microsoft® Unicode font. The Unicode font set is optionally installed when installing MS Office®.

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