Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Add UOM to Your QTY

Would you like to combine columns together in your Bill of Materials (BOM), such as having 1 PC as the quantity, rather than a QTY column of 1 and a Unit of Measure (UOM) column of PC?
  • Step 1: Have a BOM with a column for QTY. (the plain, ol' out-of-the-box BOM.) Also have a custom property for UOM in each component file.
  • Step 2: Read the SolidWorks Help article called "Combining Properties in Table Equations" and/or the SolidWorks Knowledge Base article S-053183 for the simple instructions, replacing the properties given in the example with column QTY & custom property UOM.
  • Step 3: You'll find out that the simple instructions work with any combination of custom property/column except for QTY.
  • Step 4: Call me and you'd find out the super secret trick that I'm telling you now:
Turns out that in order to use the special QTY property in an equation in a BOM, you need to have a mathematical operator. Solution: Add *1 after 'QTY' in your equation and BINGO - you'll have a BOM column to call the neighbors over! Hide your original QTY column.

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