Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Common Q&A for Activation and Licensing Issues

Q1: Im getting an "activation count exceeded" message when trying to activate my standalone seat of SolidWorks. What does this mean?
  • This means you already have your serial number installed and activated on two PC's. You are only allowed two activations. one for office use and one for laptop\home use.

    ** These are not to be used simultaneously**

    Refer to your Home Use License agreement. You need to transfer a license off of one of the PC's that is using a license before you can activate on a new PC.

Q2: How do I transfer my license for use on another PC?
  • Launch SolidWorks and select "Help\Transfer license". Step through the prompts and transfer automatically over the internet if you have an internet connection.

    If you do not have an internet connection, select the MANUAL option and email the file per the instructions.

Q3: My machine STILL exists but it now has a different serial number installed on it. Can you disable this for me?
  • No. You must correct per Q4.

Q4: How can I correct the serial number\license on this machine?
  • First transfer the CURRENT serial number activation from PC per Q2.
  • Once the license has been released, you can change the associated Serial Number by going to:
    • "Start\Control Panel\Add/Remove Programs (or for Win7 and Vista = Programs and Features)"
    • Click the most recent SolidWorks version in the list and select "Change." This will launch the SolidWorks Installation manager. Choose the option to "Modify the individual installation" and click next.
    • At the Serial Number prompt, you can swap\enter the original serial number that had not been transferred off. Continue to step through the questions until the change has finished. The old serial number will now be back on the system.
    • Launch SolidWorks. Activate if required. Once it is activated, you can now repeat Q2 to transfer and deactivate the old serial number.
  • Now repeat the steps above to change the serial number back to the NEW serial number you wish to have on the PC.

Q5: I renamed my PC. Does this affect activation or license transfers?
  • No. Only a change that would affect your computer's hardware ID affects licensing\activation. IE a new hard drive or motherboard.

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Rian Maritz said...

Good day,

I bought a new Pc and installed my SW 2014 on the new Pc, so I transferred my license via the internet, followed all the necessary procedures, but now I can't activate my license on either of the PC's. Any Help?