Thursday, March 3, 2011

3DVIA Composer 2011x Ambient Occlusion & Per Pixel Lighting

One of the great new enhancements in 3DVIA Composer 2011x is the addition of Ambient Occlusion and Per Pixel Lighting. At a high level, these two new options provide a deeper level of realism to the high resolution outputs from Composer.

Take a look at this comparison:

Notice in this image on the right, how the metal parts look very plastic and shiny. This would have been a very typical image from Composer 2011.

In comparison, in the second image on the right, notice the shadows cast by the surrounding parts and geometry (Ambient Occlusion) and better handling of the reflections (Per Pixel Lighting) make the parts look more life like.

These properties can be document specific or can be on all of the time. To enable them for a specific image capture, browse to the bottom of the Viewport properties and select these options.

To set the option to have these rendering effects on all of the time, browse to the 3DVia Composer Application Preferences and select the Viewport settings. Here, you can enable both for Real Time.

Take advantage of this great new enhancement!


Anonymous said...

Is it posible to control amount of ambient occlusion in 3DVIA Composer ?

Steve Fick said...

Currently, there isn't specific control over how much ambient occlusion occurs on the model