Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Enterprise PDM: Exporting Custom Properties to Excel

Sometimes, you just need your data in raw form. There are many different ways to export data in Enterprise PDM, such as the report generator or use of export rules. Today we are going to take a look at exporting data to an Excel sheet using custom columns and the search functionality within Enterprise PDM.

For our criteria, we want to capture every SolidWorks part file within our vault and export the following custom properties:
  • Document Number
  • Description
  • Vendor
  • Cost
  • Part Type
As you can see, these custom properties are already included in our data cards.

Next, we want to create a custom column set through the Enterprise PDM Administration tool. To create a new column set, expand your vault and right mouse click on ‘Columns’ to select New Column Set…

Once inside, we want to create the columns for the custom properties that we wish to export. Also, we want to set the column set type to Search Results and give this new column set a distinct name. In this example, we will name it Export Column Set.

After creating the Export Column Set, we are now on the final step. We need to create a search card to include the new column set. The easiest way is to copy the complete search and change the column set default to Export Column Set. To do this, open up the complete search card through the Enterprise PDM Administration tool. This will open up the card editor program in a separate window. Then go to File > Save As and select a name for our new search card.

Once the new search card is saved, in our example we named it Export Search, change the result column set to Export Column Set.

Our new export search is all setup, so let’s give it a try.

On the toolbar above your search results, there is an icon that matches Microsoft Excel. Here you can export your results directly to Excel.

Happy Exporting!


Joy said...

Good job Dan - Simplicity is often overlooked :-)

Dan Wiggins said...

Thanks Joy.