Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stratasys 3D Printer Helps Brightwake Upgrade Blood Recycling Machine

Blood supply is an important part of medical care, but sometimes there just isn't enough donor blood, and some patients can't receive transfusions. That's where blood recycling machines come in; they take the patient's own blood lost during surgery, filter it, and then cycle it back into the body.

A company called Brightwake designed such a machine, called HemoSep. They've made sure to keep it compact and easy to use quickly, given the frantic nature of many trauma situations. The HemoSep uses a chemical sponge and a mechanical agitator to filter collected blood, then separates out red blood cells, which are collected in a blood bag and returned to the patient intravenously.

But it's expensive to develop medical devices, and the healthcare field is already costly. That's why Brightwake started using a Stratasys Dimension 1200es, which has reduced their prototyping costs by a staggering 96%. Because they could use their 3D printer to develop all of the machine's plastic components in-house, they were able to produce multiple design ideas quickly and easily - innovation didn't have to wait.

The machine has been tested on 100 open heart surgery patients at Kirikkale University Hospital in Turkey, where it has thus far greatly decreased the need for donor blood and helped patients evade post-surgery inflammatory reactions that can occur with normal transfusions.

Brightwake isn't resting on their laurels just yet - they've already developed five more patented devices using their Dimension 3D printer. Fantastic work, Brightwake!

(h/t Wired UK)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CAD Jobs: SolidWorks Mechanical Designer in Troy, MI

Our friends at EASi here in Troy, Michigan are looking for a SolidWorks mechanical designer! Take a look at the job description and requirements below - if you fit the bill, contact EASi at the email address provided below.

Good luck!

In their own words...


Top Three Skills:
1. SolidWorks
2. Sheet metal experience
3. Associates Degree

Job Description:
The designer will be supporting our client's project. We are working with our client to create a larger size industrial oven that heats carbon fiber. They do not currently offer this size oven.

Work Environment:
Engineering center, office environment 


2 - 3 years using Solidworks to design sheet metal and products

Associates or Bachelor with mechanical design background

Strong written and verbal communication skills

An Engineering services background will be preferred

Performance Expectations:
The new employee will work with the Design Manager to complete initial training of how EASi on and off boards projects as well as client processes and methodologies. 

Please e-mail your resume to Lauren Hohenshil at

Monday, April 14, 2014

SOLIDWORKS TECH TIP: How to Stop a sldprt File from Auto Merging Bodies

Why would you want to stop bodies from merging automatically?  Let's say you're designing a jigsaw puzzle. 

If it is a 500-piece puzzle, you would need to make 499 additional clicks to uncheck the "Merge Result" option.

If you don't check it, you end up with a single Solid Body.

One solution would be to turn the part model into a Weldment. Simply go to your "Weldments" tab and click the "Weldment" icon.

This will add a "Cut list" item to the tree and a "Weldment" feature.

Now the "Merge result" feature is disabled by default.

The end result is a Multi Body part file.

Happy modeling!

For more training and tutorials on the many 3D CAD Modeling solutions in the SolidWorks family of products and add-ons, please feel free to look through our Webcast Archive, register for an upcoming webcast or event, or look into our 3DU SolidWorks Training and Certification courses.

Friday, April 11, 2014

CAD Jobs: Sr. Product Engineer Wanted in Bristol, IN

Our friends at Spherion are looking for a Senior Product Engineer! This is a pretty great opportunity, so we're passing it on. Think you're a good fit for this position, or know a friend who is? Have them contact recruiter Caity Daus at the email address below.
In Spherion's own words...
Spherion is currently hiring for an AMAZING Direct Hire opportunity as a Sr. Product Engineer with a leading Truck Body and Walk-In manufacturer. This state of the art facility is in Bristol, IN and is looking for a strong Engineering Lead that is motivated and high energy! This position offers great starting pay and full benefits. See below and apply today!
Responsible for providing accurate, timely, and cost effective engineering solutions that work well within the limits of our manufacturing equipment and assembly capabilities. Additionally, these solutions must meet customer expectations, perform for the desired warranty period and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements. Engineering solution shall also encompass communization and simplification using Lean/Sigma techniques. Act as a project leader for implementation of the design solutions.

·         Create Engineering tree (task list) to comply with Customer/vehicle specifications.
·         Create solids model to correspond with engineering tree.
·         Pull ECN numbers and start the ECN process, corresponding with engineering tree.
·         Determine the cost effectiveness of the engineering solution.
·         Initiate changes to drawings, solids models and bills of material.
·         Conduct design reviews and facilitate communications between departments for customer specific designs.
·         Provide technical support to sales and service departments for assigned vehicles segment.
·         Participate in customer pilot reviews and customer visits.
·         Provide input to the engineering standards manual, procedures and data books.
·         Be able to represent Engineering in litigation cases requiring subject matter experts.
·         Provide field service analysis when expertise is required.

·         Understand the metal fabrication, forming, tolerances and capabilities within our facilities and within our industry.
·         Understand extrusion process.
·         Understand vehicle design, testing and certification process.

·         Understand 12-volt electrical systems for automotive applications.
·         Understand design and fabrication techniques common in the electrical appliance and harness fabrication business for our industry.
·         Understand the electrical codes and standards for wiring and circuit design.
·         Understand vehicle design, testing and certification as it pertains electrical and HVAC systems

Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor’s Degree - Engineering required
·         5-7 years in Engineering Project Management

Spherion is an Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/V/D

Please apply to

Monday, April 7, 2014

SolidWorks Simulation: What's New in 2014 (with video)

It's time to start taking advantage of the new features in the 2014 release of SolidWorks Simulation that will make our lives easier. For 2014, I've compiled a quick video highlighting the what's new features that simulation users will find exciting. I've grouped them into three main categories. Performance, Post Processing and Efficiency enhancements.

  • Loading of Simulation Studies
  • Solver Enhancements (non linear, iterative solver speed, new large problem direct sparse solver)

Post Processing Results:
  • Contact Pressure Plots in 2D Simplification
  • User interface enhancements
  • Listing Connector Output Forces
  • Results Comparison Across Configurations
  • Mirrored Results About Planes of Symmetry

  • Extended material database is provided through a partnership with Matereality LLC.
  • Automatic Conversion of Toolbox Fasteners to Bolts
  • Contact Visualization Plots

Take a look here for a few examples in this 11-minute video:

You can also read up on the updates by going to the SolidWorks help menu and selecting "What's New."

Happy Simulating!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Comparing your Purchase & Licenses Shown on the SolidNetwork License (SNL) Manager (Pt. 1)

Comparing your Purchase and your Licenses Shown on the SolidNetwork License (SNL) Manager 

Part 1

As a Support Engineer, I often speak with customers that have recently made a change in their SolidWorks assets and would like to discuss the way the SNL, or SolidNetwork License Manager, represents the change. For this reason, I would like to share some information on how the products you purchase are broken down and shown in the SolidNetwork License Manager.

SolidWorks 3D CAD comes in 3 packages: Standard, Professional, and Premium

Think of Standard licenses as the foundation level of SolidWorks, and think of Professional and Premium each as a product that includes a Standard license within. Let's look at what this means. First, if a company purchases two Standard licenses, it will show up in the SNL as 2 Standard licenses:

However, if a company purchases 2 Professional (or Premium) licenses, it will show up in the SNL as 2 Professional (or Premium) and the 2 Standard within:

Monday, March 31, 2014

Southeast MI & Northwest OH SolidWorks User Group Meeting - April 15, 2014

The Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio SolidWorks User Group meeting is happening soon! Check it out mid-April at the Monroe County Community college. Below, in their own words:

This is an opportunity for you to network with your colleagues and peers to see how others are using SolidWorks in their workplace. This meeting is free and open to students, teachers, designers, engineers, employers, and anyone with an interest in SolidWorks and the design industry.

We will be showcasing great presentations, with food and prizes too.

Our Grand Prize Giveaway is a new 3D Connexion Space Mouse Pro! (MSRP $299)

DATE: Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 
TIME: 5:30 - 8:30 P.M. 
Career Technology Center (T-Building) 
Monroe County Community College 
1555 S. Raisinville Rd. 
Monroe, MI 48161


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference: April 6-10 in Tucson, AZ

Our 3D printing team is packing up and heading for warmer climes - just long enough to attend the AMUG Conference in Arizona this April.

The AMUG conference, this year held in Tucson, AZ is going to run from April 6th to 10th, and will be packed with presentations, workshops, competitions, and of course food. And our team! You can check out the AMUGexpo, full of vendors and goodies for the additive manufacturing industry, sign up for any of several hands-on workshops, and get gussied up and attend the awards banquet to see the notables in the industry (or receive your own accolades!).

AMUG Attendees will also be able to attend SME's certificate program at a deeply discounted rate, so you could even get certified by the time you fly home. That's a pretty good deal.

Whether you're going to be there for one day or all four, please feel free to find and say hi to anyone from FISHER/UNITECH's 3D printing team. We'd love to chat with you.

Learn more about AMUG and register here:

Want to set up a meeting with one of our team members? You can contact our sales team here:

We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thermal Analysis: SolidWorks Flow Simulation vs. Simulation Pro

"I see there is thermal analysis in Simulation Professional; how is that different from thermal analysis using Flow?"

This is a very common and justifiable question. From a product packaging perspective:

- Flow is a standalone product with two modules for the HVAC and Electronics markets to enhance its capabilities. More on those modules in another blog post.

- Sim Pro Thermal is included within the Simulation Professional package suite, including linear statics, fatigue, frequency, optimization, and pressure vessel.

From a functional perspective, put VERY simply:
-  Flow calculates convection and radiation constants
-  Thermal needs these as inputs and we must approximate these constants.

Let's look at a light bulb as an example:

Friday, March 21, 2014

Stratasys 3D Printers Help Polaris Industries Reinvent Indian Motorcycles

The Indian motorcycle brand is a classic - America's first motorcycle, one that dominated the market, and people's imaginations, for decades. So it's appropriate that 3D printing - already helping bring manufacturing back to the US - would also lend a hand toward bringing back an iconic American brand.

Polaris Industries is revitalizing Indian motorcycles after purchasing the rights to the brand, and also after many others have tried unsuccessfully to do so. When their CEO, Scott Wine, spoke to Bloomberg TV, he credited Stratasys 3D printers for much of their process.

"I mean, we actually built an entire bike using 3D printing and rapid prototyping," he said while describing their process. "We were probably looking at a 15-month process, you know, ten years ago, we're able to do it in less than three now."

Check out the full interview with CEO Scott Wine below.

You can learn more about Stratasys 3D printers at our site by clicking here.